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Vintage Inspirations
by Jane Cassini and Ann Brownfield
ISBN 1-84172-286-3

A wonderful collection of inspiring vintage
images made from treasures of the past to create a fantastic array of home decorations, gifts and keepsakes.

If you love vintage then this is the book for you. It is created in four sections, part one- inspirations . Part two project from table decorations to decorating walls , even creating items for your dressing table.

Part three shows inspiring mementos and treasures, how to create memory books and artwork for your walls. But the best part of the book (in my opinion) is part Four with ideas on wrapping gifts with brooches and trinkets to cocktail hour.
All items are recycled and sourced from antique and flea marketsand specialist dealers. There is a wealth of ideas to transform your vintage treasures into stylish contemporary home additions.